UNM Athletics Celebrates December Graduation of 33 Athletes

University of New Mexico Athletics celebrates the December graduation of 33 student-athletes from 12 sports with degrees from 12 different academic areas of study.


  • Kevin Atkinson, University Studies
  • Mike Brownstein, Psychology
  • Brian Cavazos-Galvez, Sociology
  • Daniel Grubbs, Business Administration
  • Dane Hamilton, Communication & Journalism
  • John Hesketh, Economics
  • Max Willett, Business Administration


  • Jonathan Brooks, Exercise Science
  • Roland Bruno, University Studies
  • Benjamin Contreras, University Studies
  • Erik Cook, University Studies
  • Daryl Jones, University Studies
  • Chris Mark, Construction Management
  • Daniel Martin, Business Administration
  • Clint McPeek, Business Administration
  • Adam Miller, University Studies
  • Donovan Porterie, Communication & Journalism
  • Frankie Solomon, Business Administration

Golf, Men’s

  • Guillermo Chavez, Business Administration
  • Jacob Lestishen, Business Administration
  • Parker Pemberton, Communication & Journalism
  • Steve Saunders, Business Administration

Golf, Women’s

  • Morgan Grantham, Art History

Skiing, Men’s

  • Rick Grahn, Civil Engineering

Skiing, Women’s

  • Karin Ohlin, Business Administration

Soccer, Men’s

  • John Smithson, University Studies
  • Christopher Wright, Portuguese

Soccer, Women’s

  • Kaci Paetz, Communication & Journalism


  • Samantha Hughes, Business Administration

Track, Men’s

  • Anthony Fairbanks, Business Administration
  • Joseph Garcia, Nursing

Track, Women’s

  • Brittany Smith, Business Administration


  • Jeanne Fairchild, Comunication & Journalism

Congratulations to these athletes and all of UNM’s Winter 2009 graduating seniors!

– Benson and Carolyn


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