Nothing New on Locksley

I just checked in with the Athletics department and the Human Resources department at UNM.  For those of you who don’t know, the University of New Mexico head football coach Mike Locksley is under investigation for an altercation with one of his assistant coaches that left the assistant coach with a split lip.  After the incident the case was referred to Human Resources for an investigation of a violation of UNM policies.

Now earlier today there were reports in multiple media outlets that UNM was preparing to hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss the outcome of the investigation. After talking with people in Athletics and Human Resources, there was no reason to believe this is the case.  I was informed that the investigation is still going on and there is no expected announcement tomorrow.  That said, the investigation could end at any time, including today, tomorrow or next week. Once the investigation is over and there has been notification of the results to the people involved, then an announcement will be made.  I’ll keep y’all updated as this continues.

— Benson


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