Thinking about sirens

When unm tested the emergency alert sirens last week, several people who were inside buildings complained that they didn’t hear the sirens.  What we probably didn’t make clear was that people inside buildings don’t need to hear the sirens as urgently as people outdoors.

The whole point of the sirens is to persuade people who are outdoors to move into a building for safety.  If you are already inside a building, you should hear about the emergency test or the emergency via email or text message, or you can always visit the university home page at

If you do hear the siren, and you hadn’t heard about a planned test, check your email or your cell phone or the university home page. We will try to immediately get information to you electronically about what to do next.

And last of all…remember it is a group of people who make safety decisions, and those decisions are not always made instantly.  The safest thing to do if you hear the sirens is get into a building and seek more information electronically.


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